Terrible Service for New Customer Pt. 1
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Wednesday, May 22, I spoke with Elana Denis over the phone. She signed me up for 4 phone lines. The idea was to originally pick up the phones in Logan, UT and Elana even said that starting the process over the phone was better because then when I’d go to pick up my phone I’d be treated like a VIP, however, the phones we wanted weren’t available in store. So, she decided to order the phones and have them shipped to me.


The order was for 2 iPhone XR, 64 GB, White and then 2 iPhone 8, 64 GB, Space Gray. The 2 iPhones 8 were included in a promotion for BOGO 50% and the 4 lines were to be on the Shared Data plan of 8 GB because the company I work for is an affiliate of Verizon’s and I wanted to take advantage of the employee discount.


We were going to port over 3 phones lines from Sprint and have 1 brand new phone number but Elana mentioned that it is easiest to port the lines over once we received the phones. She sent me an email with the pending order that I had to sign. I signed it while I was on the phone with her and she received confirmation that the signature and been processed and accepted.


She then said the next email I would get would be confirming my order, then I would get emails once the phones shipped with tracking information but that I would have the phones next day. I paid $188.98 in taxes that day and put in on my debit card.


The order # was [removed] and the location code was [removed] . I never got an order confirmation email that night. When I got to work the next day on Thursday, May 23, I received an email stating that I needed to validate my address by submitting a picture of my license and a copy of a utility bill. I was not told I would be getting this email or I would have submitted the documentation right away. As I went to upload the documentation I got an error saying the session was expired.


It didn’t give me an option of how to get a new session or who to contact so I called Verizon Wireless Support and after being on the phone with the first rep for about 30 minutes, the line disconnected. I didn't get a call back and so after 10 minutes, I called back. I had to go through the whole thing again and after another 30 minutes was finally transferred to Fraud to validate my address. After speaking to the first person in Fraud for about 15 minutes, she was able to resend me the email for me to submit my documentation and told me to call back after I uploaded them to have my order completed and processed.


I got off the phone with her, went back to my desk and received an email from her. I uploaded the documentation immediately and got a message saying the submission was successful. I waited 20 minutes before calling back and this time I got to Fraud right away because I had their direct line. The second rep I spoke to couldn’t locate my documentation with a WFM number, but I never received such a number. I was never told I’d be getting one so I was really confused. She then asked me to resubmit with her on the phone. I was at work and work at a call center so I cannot have my phone out at my desk. I didn’t explain this to her, but I did tell her that I could not do that since I am at work and had to go in a meeting but I would call back after the meeting was over.


The meeting lasted an hour and after I checked my email and received an email saying my order was cancelled. At this point I am getting very upset because I feel like I am getting jerked around and I just wanted my phones delivered before my Sprint account was disconnected so I could port over my phone numbers.

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BOGO as far as I know require an unlimtied data plan. Resubmitting the information was probably an issue. Also waiting to port your numebr until AFTER you've already signed up for service was going to be an issue. Also you should just switch online or go to a corporate store