Terrible coverage for last several Months in 48360 Zip Code Area
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I have been with Verizon for over 12 years, we have 5 iphone XR and 1 iphone 12, about 5 to 7 months ago, coverage has taken a turn for the worst, we now only have 2 bars, we experience audio silence when on a call, multiple failed calls, texts that won't go through.  This is an issue in our entire area, I took a poll in our sub of about 400 people and they all experience it as well, and also in about a 4 mile radius. I have tried to disable 5G, Turn on/off wifi calling, etc no matter what same issues. It seems like issues started when 5G rolled out, we have a cell tower in our back yard so I am perplexed our Verizon reliability has gone in the toilet, so much that I plan to switch to AT&T when my contract is up or even cancel my contract as Verizon is not keeping up their SLA's.  I have opened two tickets with Verizon and their technician says everything is OK, clearly it is not OK.  I welcome someone from Verizon contact me as I am not opening any more tickets to be told the same thing, I will be switching 5 phones to a different provider very soon if the issue is not fixed. I pay a lot extra because Verizon used to be ultra reliable, it is not anymore.

Re: Terrible coverage for last several Months in 48360 Zip Code Area
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We definitely want to make sure that you are able to get the performance you need. How far do you normally have to travel for signal to pick up?