Terrible customer service at Verizon Cellular - Can I get out of this Verizon Contract

My brother in law wanted his wife/my sister to join Verizon with the black Friday promo and I ended up running errand with them and somehow thought the promo was good so I joined too along with my mom and dad. We spent 3 hours in the store (2 hours AFTER hours bc of technical issues) where my phone had to take the wrong phone and my parents were forced into a temporary phone number both of which use their personal numbers for work. Then my parents phones didn't even work after everything was ported in the store. I spent about 10 hours JUST getting this to work. Then my watch that came with my promo - I was told that I could only pick it up at this store even though the employee knew I don't live here anymore. I called and then was told I could pick it up anywhere that was in stock or even have it shipped to me. The guy in the store heard me asking my brother in law to ship the watch to me and never did he mention this option. I went into another Verizon store near me where they made me wait an hour just to have them tell me I can order the watch online. The watch alone took me about 10 hours in waiting and calling over the phone to actually get the right information. On top of this, our promo wasn't even applied so my sister went in with her BABY for 3 hours for them to fix what should've already been applied. I called the manager today and was told the promo STILL hasn't been applied. My sister needs to go in again with her baby to solve everything in a DIFFERENT store but now they're not responding. I do not think I should be spending thousands of dollars at a company that can't even bill correctly after being told multiple times. 

Re: Terrible customer service at Verizon Cellular - Can I get out of this Verizon Contract
Customer Service Rep

I am here to help with your promo. I am sending you a link to join me in a secure chat. If you have any issues with the link let us know.



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