Terrible customer service - medical fascism and discrimination! Unbelievable! The day of the incident was 04/10/2021

Terrible customer service. Unbelievable! Please, do yourself a favor, do not go to this store. Racist atmosphere, inhumane, careless. They don’t care about their customers, period! Managers at this store don’t know how to handle special needs customers. Verizon got too big to care for one customer.

I had a two-year-old child with me in the stroller. Was refused a service, got permanently kicked out from the store despite my medical conditions. The manager called the police on me and my two-year-old child to be kicked out of the store. The manager escalated the situation to unprofessional levels. Simply careless and I suspect racist/anti-white attitude in the store.

I was refused service and got kicked out of the store because I had my mask over my mouth allowing me to breathe through the nose. I was trying to explain my medical condition and special needs to breathe oxygen. I am very sensitive to the depletion of oxygen. I need to breathe oxygen. The manager didn’t want to accommodate my needs outside the store. There was no bench or table outside to put my belongings and my hands were full with the large iPad, iPhone, purse, stroller, and a two-year-old baby that was losing her patience. The store manager immediately called the cops on me and kicked me outside with the child. When the cops arrived they told me that the manager is banning me from ever come back to the store and that if I need something then a family member would have to come instead of me. I felt discriminated against, humiliated, and speechless. People use this mask regime to mistreat, attack, and discriminate against other people using "masks" as an excuse.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT OVER MY BODY. I AM NOT A SLAVE!!! I AM AN ADULT AND I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME AND MY BODY!!! SO DON'T MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT LIABLE FOR SIDE EFFECTS, I AM!!!  I AM NOT A SLAVE!!!!!! I AM A LIVING HUMAN BEING!!!!

I know I have a strong Russian accent and white. I felt that that could be one of the personal dislikes and no willingness to work with me and treat with respect. The Anti-Russian attitude that is in America for many years. Other customers threatened to break my phone when I was recording my experience in self-defense and the manager said nothing to them. The manager did nothing to resolve the issue and put no effort to protect me from other customers' threats. I didn’t feel safe in the store without my husband that could possibly protect me from that type of mistreatment. I bet if I was a black woman, things would have been much different! But because I was alone, a white female with a child and a Russian accent people felt like they can attack me, and treat me with such disrespect. I was treated as an outsider even though I live in the US for more than 20 years.

The day of the incident was 04/10/2021 in Everett Mall Way, WA State CORPORATE STORE. If the corporate store is allowing itself to treat its customers this way - this says a lot about the company.

Verizon should provide some tables outside for people with special needs just like restaurants do! And don't tell me that a multi-billion $$$$ corporation cannot afford to accommodate customers with special needs by providing some tables outside! This is medical fascism and discrimination! 

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Re: Terrible customer service - medical fascism and discrimination! Unbelievable! The day of the incident was 04/10/2021
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If one is unable to wear mask to possibly protect others, one should not be in close vicinity to others especially indoors. 

Re: Terrible customer service - medical fascism and discrimination! Unbelievable!
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We want to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are here to help. Can you tell me the reason for your visit to the store? Is there something we can assist you with right here?