Terrible reception, only 1 bar

I just received my new Iphone 11 and I only have 1 bar.  I missed 6 calls yesterday from my fiance while I was out grocery shopping, and didn't even get any notifications that I missed any calls.  When I got home, my fiance called again to make sure my phone was working, and the call came through and rang.  I'm also dropping calls.  I spent hours on the phone with a tech, and found no solutions (including getting disconnected 3 times and having to call back.  I don't know if Verizon disconnected me, or I lost signal).
On my old Iphone 7 Plus, I always had 3 or 4 bars.  The new phone only has 1 bar.  As I sit here, the old phone is still getting 3 bars, while the new phone only gets 1.  You'd think that a brand new 11 would get the same, or better connection.  it is WORSE!  I am currently working with Tier 2 Tech Support to diagnose the problem, but after reading on this forum how many other people are complaining of the same issue, I am not hopeful.  In my case, I can clearly see it is the phone, not the service, because my old phone is still getting great reception, and I never had any dropped calls.  I will update this post if we find a solution.

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Re: Terrible reception, only 1 bar
Customer Service Rep

Please keep us updated, and let us know if there is anything we can do on our end to help. *Estevan