Terrible service
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So early summer last year Verizon crashed and most of the east coast lost signal . Ever since I have had the worst service EVERY WHERE ! In my home ( Winchester Va 22602) we have 7 cell phones and iPad and 4 jet packs on 3 different accounts . I continue to hear many across the US are having the same problem. Most people are saying it all started to happen all of a sudden . It doesn’t matter where I go ( in the city like DC, Leesburg va, Baltimore Md or in the country ) it always terrible ! We get soooooo excited when we get 2 bars and that really terrible! WHY AM I PAYING SO MUCH MONEY FOR NOTHING . Now with 2 kids at home because of Covid19 trying to do school work and then my husband working from home also how are we supposed to function ? How are my kids supposed to do schoolwork other then putting them in the car and sitting in the school parking lot just to get WiFi ? Once again what am I paying for ? Am I gonna get a ticket for not staying home just so my kids can do school work ? Why does my husband have to drive 20 minutes to Dunkin’ Donuts to get any kind of signal to download a document? Once again is a ticket worth it ? And before you ask yes I live on a mountain and have lived here for over 14 years and always had Verizon . I even got rid of my landline with verizon 3 years ago because the signal was great . The closest intersection to my home is Opossum trail and Ross drive Winchester va . Can someone please explain and fix this because I’m so done !

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