Terrible upgrade experience

I don't know what happened but I never had a bad experience upgrading my phone until now. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to upgrade my phone to a new Iphone. A few days later the package comes in and much to my surprise in the box was the wrong phone. Great. One chat with support later I went to my local store to find out that they don't have the model I ordered and it needs to be packaged and sent back.Wonderful. So I package it up and mail it back. One week later I get notified that it was been sent back and i'm on chat with support to place an order and expeditie it. After putting my payment I get my receipt to find out that the rep selected the wrong storage option on the device. Now because of that a ticket had to be created to cancel the order. So now today after talking to support again I need to wait 7 Business days for the Ticket to get validated so that I can attempt to upgrade my device for the third time. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Can anything be done? This experience is making me just want to keep my current device for a year or two longer.

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