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Text Message Issue

I have been having an issue with imessage on my iPhone 5 for a while now. Sometimes I don't get alerted that I have a new imessage unless I go into my messages to check. Not until I go in there will an alert pop up. When I go into the message it's like it freezes and the whole thread disappears except for 1 message which sometimes is the most recent message that went out sometimes its an older one. This is super frustrating as it takes me 2 hours to have a 4 minute conversation. I have tried re-setting the network as suggested in another post and restarting the phone. Another thing that is happening is that it take a really long time to send messages. It gets stuck in a "sending" status for a really long time (15 minutes) before it reflects as sent or delivered. This happens with multiple people (most of the people I talk/message with are iPhone users). While it is sending it tells me I have a new message and I have nothing or even after I read a message it still says I have a new message. This is BEYOND frustrating. Please help.

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Re: Text Message Issue
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have also been having the same issues. 

Are they to other Verizon Customers?  That is where mine were having issues to were to other Verizon Customers.  I finally called and called and called, and was transferred up to Tier 2 tech support, and they did a trouble ticket. 

I did a hard reset on the phone, reset network settings, backed up to itunes, and restored it, pop sim card in and back out and nothing helped.  I got a text message today saying that the issues been fixed, and as far as I know I have not had any more issues. 

I am/was debating having my sim card swapped out. 

Just some info.  If you do any type of research, I think its an apple software issue, as many others with iphone 5's are having issues dating back to November of 2012. 

Re: Text Message Issue
Customer Service Rep

Hey there mrsjanaya! I know that it's very troubling to only know of a message when you go looking for it. It happens to me, too. Only in my situation it's because my son has made off with my phone to play Candy Crush (grrrrr)! In order to address this, I recommend looking at the software version of your iPhone 5. If you have not yet upgraded to version 6.1.4, I recommend it. To check your version, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

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