The Special two for one...

I wanted to know if what Verizon is charging for two phones is correct.

My daughter convinced me (around August) to change phones and do a special two for one Apple phone's unlimited coverage.

I am paying $ 218.60 for both phones and services. Is that the correct amount?

I went one time to Verizon and they mentioned that one of the phones will not be charged.





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Re: The Special two for one...
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As there are more than one unlimited plan, the best thing to do is to look at your bill.  For two lines, the unlimited charge can be $55-$85 per line, depending on which plan you selected.  If you are on a higher plan, you can change it to a lower plan and still have unlimited data.  You bill should also list the cost of two lines, but have a credit equal to the cost of one of your phones.   

If you are not receiving your credit for a phone each month, contact Verizon.  And review their plans and be sure you are on the plan that suits your usage and your budget.  

Re: The Special two for one...

Seeing that the cost of an iPhone can range between $450 and $1450 and the varying cost of Verizon's unlimited data plan offerings, there is no way for anyone on here to determine whether or not you are being charged correctly. Looking at your bill should let you know if you are being given a monthly credit for the cost of one of the phones.