The Worst Customer Service I have EVER Experienced.

I purchased an upgrade to Iphone 11 for my daughter's Xmas present on December 11.  I purchased a new line/Iphone 11 for myself at the same time.  My phone shipped out no problem.  However, I purchased these phones with the useless online chat service.  So I had no idea that there were two emails containing terms and conditions that I needed to open and accept.  I called EVERYDAY for three days and spent hours on the phone with the morons they employ in customer service.  I gave my credit card numbers to at least four people trying to resolve this.  Today, I spent another TWO hours on the phone with three people trying to pay them for the phone.  The second guy was actually trying his best and was the one who told me to accept the second terms and conditions (six other reps didn't even figure that out).  It still took him more than an hour to generate a payment link that he couldn't get sent to me (even after I checked spam folder).  I found an old payment link in my email and the payment went through (I checked my credit card).  The status in my account has now updated to state that the phone is STILL on hold and should be shipped out on 12/12 (two days ago).  So I call again.  Tell the entire story to a rep who then transfers me to a department that is closed for the weekend.  Talk to Verizon through messager on Facebook.  They tell me to accept terms and conditions and then don't reply after I tell them I have done that.  THIS COMPANY terrible!!  I have NEVER dealt with such incompentence in my entire life.

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