The free phone for being charged monthly payment (switched lines from Att to Verizon)

I switched the 4 lines from Att to the Verizon in Aug last week and Sep first week(not trade in). At that time Verizon had a promotion to get the free phones, apple 13mini and 12. So I got 2 free phones in Best buy and 2 phones from Verizon. At the bill, I am getting the credit for the 3 devices(apple 13mini) but only one device(iPhone 12) is paying for 2 months already. It's very weird because when I saw the contract the bill payment form from Best buy, there is no device payment and financial plan. I contacted the Verizon customer center 2 weeks ago, they said since Best Buy seller have to call to the Verizon directly and I can get the credit for that device. So, I visited the Best buy and met the men who did switch my plan. He called to the Verizon that day very soon and got the ticket and he said it will take 2-3 days but, until now, It passed 2weeks already. I don't get any notice and information from Verizon and Best buy both. I don't know why It takes longer and what happened. When I asked to the Best Buy seller that I have to ask the Verizon call center again to solve this problem, he said maybe they can't see this problem.

I think the seller at Best Buy, does not get anything from Verizon until now. If the Verizon can see this problem, I hope that It will be solved this problem as soon as possible.

Re: The free phone for being charged monthly payment (switched lines from Att to Verizon)
Customer Service Rep

Thank you so much for bringing this devices issue to us, that's definitely not the way we want you to feel about us. We appreciate your feedback and will be happy to help with your Verizon service. Please send me a private note, so we can address all your concerns.