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I began to notice problems with my iPhone about 6 months ago. Phone was Just kind of out of sync. I kinda didn’t pay much attention to it, but then the interface began a subtle change like apps became blurry. I started to really get worried when my iPhone would not let me update the iOS. I took it to apple and they said my iPhone was out of warranty and if I was interested in a new one. I got so angry I threw my iPhone against the wall(iPhone X). Two months ago I bought an iPhone XR, the rep at the Verizon store took the old SIM card from the X and put in the XR. The new iPhone began showing the same issues I had with the X. Mind you this XR is brand spanking new! The rep at the store told me ‘dude you have a virus and it’s not the SIM card. I thanked the heavens, cause I thought I was going crazy. He told me to go back to the apple store and show them what the iPhone was doing. 

Went to the apple store and one of their ‘geniuses’ said oh will just delete your appleid and get you a new one. I was like we’ll see. Iphone(new) is now completely under someone else’s control but mine. I need help, I’m going crazy over this and self medicating. 

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Ensuring your iPhone XR is working properly is important to us, yoyoiam. We welcome the opportunity to address your virus inquiry. It's not really standard to see an iPhone device impacted by a virus as the iOS doesn't allow malware to impact its devices. Typically, viruses can only impact an iPhone device if they've be jailbroken and the iOS has therefore been altered. Can you advise if you have jailbroken your iPhone device? Exactly what behavior is your iPhone exhibiting that makes you feel it's being controlled by someone else? Please provide screenshots of the behaviors experienced.