Three year phone contract and 5G thoughts
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So Verizon no longer offers the two year finance of a phone. This stinks because most people like myself want a new phone after two years. Now the issue is, if you want to upgrade after two years, you'll have to pay the remaining balance without any monthly discounts that were credited each month. A win for Verizon. 

I can say with honesty that the 5G service is spotty at best. I work in Hudson County NJ and there are  many times I have four bars and 5G and web pages simply freeze or wont load. Their is no doubt in my mind that Verizon's 5G isn't what it's made out to be by Verizon. Also, when I'm visiting the Jersey Shore in and around Long Beach Island, the 5G service is horrible. Do your research. Yes, Verizon still has the most subscribers, but T Mobile is catching up.

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Re: Three year phone contract and 5G thoughts
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Goodness! We always want to make sure you're getting the best coverage and signal possible! We're here for you! Please, send us a Private Note, so we can open your account and dig into the troubleshooting!