Tip: don't buy a new phone if you are about to travel
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For no reason at all Verizon locks your phone for 60 days so it won't accept a new sim card or E-sim.  Also you can't receive texts on the phone via wifi which is the only way to log in to the account (no option for email verification).  And if you lose the phone you can't access the account because they send the verification code to the phone you just lost, brilliant system no flaws whatsoever. 

So if you want to use a phone while traveling ask the store to unlock it because you'll be screwed once you leave.  Or better yet switch to  a carrier that let's their customers use the thing they paid hundreds of dollars for.  They say it's for your privacy but really they want you to buy their expensive international plan.  I have to use this community chat nonsense to even contact Verizon customer service, isn't that pathetic?

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