Towers be down
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Do you wanna lose me as a customer well chances you might have to as of this past Saturday me and thousands was without cellphone service point blank period cause of yall towers had to be down and we did not like that at all, I felt aggravated over it as I was trying to do some things on phone until I had to run into problems with yall towers being down, and with that happening Saturday yall ought to daggone give some discounts to your customers for that, knock some dollars and cents off they upcoming bills for having to be without service for some time the other day, you can be sorry for the inconvenience it is not gonna help me out at all, it is my decision my choice to give up having service with yall anymore if I wish to, respect my decision from me on my end of whatever I decide to do, yall are gonna lose me as a customer on the cause of me not having good service Saturday on the cause of yall towers was down affecting me and thousands of customer who rely on your cellphone towers daily for coverage and service, even some others are gonna consider switching to a different carrier and I hope the other carrier that I decide to have service with, does not have too many cellphone tower problems like yall do, I am glad the phone I have from you guys is in the 30 day return policy and also my number will be transferred/ported over to the other wireless carrier of who I will be switching over to, 

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Re: Towers be down
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We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We assure you we understand the importance of staying connected.We are here to help. You can message us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or by utilizing our chat feature.