Trade In Broken Promise

I recently purchased an iPhone 13 Pro with the digitally signed agreement to receive $550 trade in on my old iPhone 6s.  Verizon emailed me an agreement and conditions contract which showed what my new bill will be after the trade in was received.  I ordered and received the new phone based upon that contract.  That contract is no longer available on their website and I cannot prove what it said because I did not take a screen shot of it, which I should not have to do with a supposedly reputable company I have been a customer of since the beginning of cell phones.  I have not received the return packaging materials after having been order 4 times, once by me and 3 other times by a customer support person.  Every time I called about the trade in, they had to research what I was saying and finally agreed with me.  They would all begin by saying they do not see any agreement.  I was told by the last one that she ordered the return materials and will call me back in 4 days to get the shipping tracking number of my returned phone to make sure I get credit for what I was guaranteed I would get.  That call never came.  I have had this same conversation with 4 different representatives, both on the phone and chat.  This is totally uncalled for, probably criminal, and luckily I am still in the time period allowed to return the new phone and go to a competitor to get a better deal anyway.  I don't necessarily expect a super deal from Verizon every time I buy a new phone, but they sure as heck should honor the promise they made to me this time.

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