Trade In Issue
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I had the same problems with Verizon.  I had a rep input an order on Dec 22, 2021 for a phone upgrade.  They then sent me a link to pay for the phone.  For some reason on Verizon's end, it would not allow me to pay if I inputted the order.  I upgraded to an iPhone 13 pro and traded in an iPhone XR with a promotion of $800 trade-in.

I received the new phone on Jan 7, 2022.  Verizon failed to send the return label for the trade.  I contacted Verizon and they then sent the label.  Verizon received the phone on Jan 27, 2022.  I followed up with a Verizon rep in March 2022 because I did not receive my credit.  The rep assured me they received the phone and they just needed more time to process the credit.

On May 4, 2022, I still had not received my credit.  I followed up with the online chat.  The Verizon rep instructed me to call 1-800-416-8894 for the trade-in department.  I spoke to George and he confirmed they received my phone.  He stated he needed 48 hours and he would get back to me.  George never got back to me.

Verizon is now honoring the $800 trade because the representative I spoke with did not give me a submission ID.  How was I supposed to know I needed a submission ID.  I was not aware it was my job as a customer to train and supervise their employees.  

Verizon sold me the iPhone 13 Pro using predatory sales techniques.  They then stole my iPhone XR from me.

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