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I too have the issue of no trade in credit.  Something is wrong with Verizon's system.  I used the box and the label Verizon provided for each of 3 phones.  No credit has been received.  For the one label that I printed out and put in my own box, the phone was successfully credited.


It can't be coincidence that all these people can't get their trade in credits.  All I have is copies of the email with the submission ID.  I don't have tracking numbers - why would I take a picture of a label that Verizon sent me?

I am at wits end - and am ready to leave Verizon - I am tired of paying you money when you can't find the credit for 3 of my trade ins.

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Re: Trade In Issue
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I'm sorry to hear that you've had this much trouble with your Trade In credits EileenG1. I can understand the frustrations of this process and we should be able to help with this. Although its important to have the Trade In submission id, tracking numbers and IMEI for those phones to easily find them we can file an investigation to see if we received those other two phones in our warehouse. As long as we have the phones we can work on getting you the trade in credit as long as you qualify.


If you send us a private message, we can start the process.