Trade-In Lost
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Verizon is telling me that they did not receive my trade-in. My submission id tells me that they did receive it. I don't have the tracking number or conformation email any more. Why would I? I was given the credit, so I didn't need it anymore. Now, my bill is $400 more than normal and it is due five days before Christmas. If I have to pay this bill, when I know that they received my phone, I will be switching to AT&T and contacting the Better Business Bureau. I have read so many stories that involve Verizon losing peoples trade-in. Give me my credit back, or send back my phone. 

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Re: Trade-In Lost

I just switched to Verizon from T-Mobile and went to the Verizon store to trade in my iPhone XR because it kept getting canceled online. They recieved my husbands phone via the box thank god, no credit yet recieved still a bit early with billing cycle but to lose my phone via the Verizon store is garbage! She didn’t even give me any new submission ID, nothing.  There was no email sent for a tracking number. So the only Proof I have is previous submission ID and proof of system error of cancellation. And text messages telling my friend I was there and traded it in. They better find it as it doesn’t show in the system at all it’s been recieved! Ugh! Not paying for a phone at full price I don’t deserve to pay!