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This is my second attempt to submit this issue.  We traded in our Iphone XL for an Iphone 11 XL.  We were told we would get 24 monthly credits on our bill.  We got one month, and then they took it back.  I got on the Verizon chat; and after an hour of discussion, the chat told me that we did not qualify because we were not on a premium plan.  Wait....What????  So was our phone stolen then?  Because we could have kept the phone.  We were on a grandfather plan, and a Verizon agent upgrade our plan during all of this.   Verizon needs to honor the promo or give us the phone back.  By the way, it should not take an hour on the chat.  I kept telling the chat that I had to go to work.  Every answer took approximately 10 minutes.  I finally had to disconnect.

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