Trade-In Status not updated
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Hello. I've had an issue with my trade-in status not updating on the Verizon site. I sent my old phone (Gold iPhone XS Max) back to Verizon via UPS on 9/24, but the site has not updated past the "initiated" status. The tracking number shows that it was delivered to the dock at the return center on 9/29. My concern is that another device on the account was sent out at the exact same time and has been received and assessed for the trade-in value. I do not want to risk losing out on my trade in promotion simply because the system hasn't updated. 


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Trade-In Status not updated
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Good afternoon! I don't want you missing out on a trade-in offer either. I can understand your concern. When a device is delivered to the warehouse, it can take a few business days for it to be completely checked in. I can always check some other details for you. I will be sending you a Private Note. Please respond to that message for me.