Trade-In Upgrade to IPhone 13 Pro is “Mission Impossible!”
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Yesterday I started chat with Verizon rep through the app for 1 hour and just when I was ready to make the upgrade changes. The rep disconnected with no notice.  When I started chat with new rep. He said he didn’t have access to the chat and I would have to rehash everything from scratch.  I didn’t have time.


I called Verizon set up call back with another Verizon rep today.  I was in the phone again for an hour, was put on hold 7-8 times. Then, when he went over everything with me, the phone call was disconnected.  He did not call me back.  I went on my Verizon app and my plan was updated but nothing else.

I called back talked to another Verizon rep explained to her the issue.  She could not identify what the issue was.  I asked her to call me back after 4pm as I had to get back to work.

She called me back was on phone for 30 minutes. Asked me if I received email to approve changes, no email.


I asked her to call me back tomorrow as I had an appt. To go to.

So far, I have spent 2 1/2 hours to get this upgrade done which should have been done in 30 minutes.  The agents do not seem to know what they are going.


I have been a Verizon. Customer for 15 years and have never had these issues!  Such poor customer service.  They need to hire and train the right people instead of putting their loyal customers through this red tape! 

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