Trade In credit issue again!! Happens over and over
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This is the third time this is happening to me. I order my new iPhone and setup a trade in to only find that when they receive the trade in, they claim it isn't the device they expect and adjust the value to 66% less. I waste my time talking to customer service and the trade in team with promises that this is fixed. For one of these devices, it's almost been a year without resolution. The other two just happened with the iphone 14's. Any help on getting this resolved would be fantastic. These guys have the worst customer service ever. 

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Re: Trade In credit issue again!! Happens over and over
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Did you have these devices replaced by Apple or insurance so it no longer matches the device info that Verizon has on record? This may be the issue. Apple won’t alert Verizon to a device being replaced under warranty and although Verizon doesn’t explicitly say you should alert them it’s in your best interest that you do as well as keep all pertaining info just in case…such as receipt for replacement, confirmation email, etc). Other than escalating the issue I’m not sure what your next move should be. You could always submit a Better Business Bureau complaint….often times this will reach a Dept in the company that can better assist at trying to resolve the issue. 

Re: Trade In credit issue again!! Happens over and over
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Did you reach resolution on your issue with the trade-ins?  

if not, I encourage you to submit a complaint to the FCC - they will use these complaints to look for patterns of behavior.

Here is a link to a post regarding my experience: