Trade-In issue
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Hi, I pre-ordered an IPhone 14 Pro max on 9/11/2022 with an eligible trade-in of OnePlus 7 Pro 256 GB for $800 monthly credits. I received a box with shipping label (old) to send the my OnePlus once I receive the new IPhone.


I got my new Iphone on 09/26 along with a (new) return label for sending the trade-in and I was able to ship the trade-in of OnePlus 7 Pro 256 GB on Oct 3rd (I have the tracking #). Received an email on Oct 5th saying that the device is received and received another email today saying I sent a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini but ironically the IMEI # for both devices is showing same. I don't understand how this error can happen at your end. I have already spent 6-7 hours since morning 8 am CST to get this resolved and don't know how to move forward. I tried the store, customer service through call & chat. Someone please help me.

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