Trade-In not applied

I have a problem going back to November of last year. I purchased an Iphone Pro 11 and an Iphone Pro Max 11 back in November 29, 2019. I traded in two phones. One was a Moto Z2 and another was an Iphone 5S. I received emails confirming my devices were received and that my credits would be following. After that email, one of the trade-in credits was applied, but the other trade-in credit was not. I called early on and the representatives would simply say it may take a few billing cycles before the credit is applied. Six months pass and I call again, but they keep saying the same thing. Come September or October, I call again and stay on the line for over 2 hours. The representative cannot help and promises a call-back, but no callback every took place. I call two weeks ago, again, and I was on the line for over two hours (again). The representative was kind and was looking into the matter, but said her superior would have to further investigate. She also promised here supervisor would call me back the next day... nothing! No callbacks ever took place. I am frustrated with this! Why can't I just get my 12.50 credit that was promised to me? Please help!!!

Things to keep in mind: The Iphone 11 Pro Max that was originally ordered was stolen en route to the shipping address. I had to report the theft and Verizon was able to send a replacement. I am not sure if that is the reason the credit to the phone number was never applied, but it is the only thing I can think affected the trade-credit being applied to this line.


Please, please, please help! The customer service representatives on the phone have not been able to help me up until now. I need some intervention from way above to get this resolved.

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