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I received text message from Verizon that I can trade in any iphone from my phone ending 5724.

Went to the store May 3rd and the representative did a trade in but only came up to $700 for an iphone Xs max .Upon checking it he told me that my phone Xs Max was reported stolen..I was shocked!!!so he cancelled all the transaction and end up that my phone number won’t be able to make calls and text msg.

The following morning,May 4th I called Verizon Wireless and talk to a representative and ask her if she can check why the iphone xs max was reported stolen.(why should I report it stolen  if I have it with me.)

Then she told me that It wasn’t reported stolen and if I still want to do the trade in and still get the promotion but only $700 dollars because its an iphone xs max .Ask her multiple times if I still can get the credit then said yes and she processed the trade in for me and order the iphone 13 pro max,She provided submission Id # and all the info I need but not a tracking #.

I called again coz my phone ending 5724 still cant make calls and received or send msg.A guy representative helped me .very friendly and solved my issue. Finally my phone works!!!But I asked the status of order device if they can already provide me a tracking number so I know when will I receive it.Nothing yet.


I called again on May 30th to check the status of the device iphone 13 pro max. I was told that theres no existing order and she’s apologetic about what happen.Yes ,I waited for nothing. But I asked her coz its already long time since that promotion .She said I can still get the credit coz the problem is at their end ,she cannot see any order made on the day I called May 4th. 
She made a note for it and made sure I can get the $700 credit as promised for the trade in .I asked her couple times if I can still get the credit before she order the iphone 13 pro max and said yes.

I did send the trade in phone which is the iphone xs max and finally the iphone 13 pro max arrived and I already activated it.

Unfortunately when I check my account ,its not showing any promised $700 credit but its a $185 and the finalized credit amount is $180 because the device they received is not the one they expected..I mention before what device Im trading in(Iphone xs max)and how many representative check if how much is the credit for that iphone xs max ,the amount its $700 worth of credit!!!

If I knew that the amount is only ($180) and not the promised $700.Im not going to trade in anything coz my other phone still works but its because its I was offered a good credit amount the why not grab that opportunity and have a new phone .


what happened Verizon?I trusted you folks!!!
A Very Happy Customer here!!!


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