Trade in 4 months ago and still no credit - Feeling Robbed

I started service with Verizon in October 2021. I gave 3 phones for trade-in together. One was valued at $350 and two were valued at $800 in the store. It is now the end of January 2022 and I have only received credit for the phone valued at #$350. The other two credits have not appeared. I have spoken with reps on the phone for hours that confirmed all 3 arrived at the trade-in department. But no credit was applied to my account. No one knows why the credit is not being applied. The phones were confirmed to be of good quality. Every representative says they are looking into and to be patient. Its been four months? This is no longer one billing cycle or two billing cycles it's a fiscal quarter at this point I feel lied to and will never buy any device from the Verizon store again. I will be buying from a manufacturer instead.

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