Trade in Issue

The Verizon trade in promotion back in February of 2022 was offering $700 off of a new iPhone 13 with the trade in of my old iPhone 10. I thought it was a good deal so I took it. Bought the new phone outright like the website allowed me to do while continually promising me a $700 credit for my old phone. New phone arrived and old phone was sent the them in early March. It was received according to the tracking but Verizon has failed to acknowledge receipt. Luckily I snapped a screenshot that proves it was received. I also have a screenshot from the trade in status tool that is still promising the $700 credit. As of October 7, I have not received any compensation for the phone I sent in. They are claiming I didn't submit the correct phone and that outright purchases did not qualify for the trade in. If that is so, why did the website even allow me to purchase it that way all the while promising the $700. I have spoken to customer service several times. Some agents assured me they would call back but they didn't. Verizon is trying to hide their mistakes by ignoring customers calls and hoping the customer forgets about it. There are countless other customers out there that have had similar results. Don't get caught in the bait and switch trade in like I did.

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