Trade in Issue

Also long time customer.  Almost switched this time but they gave me loyalty deal on trade ins of 3 phones....I sent back Trade in Iphone 11 (and purchased Iphone 14) on Sept 26 2022.  I have UPS tracking receipt as well as proof of delivery to the Dock in Forth Worth Tx on Sept 30 2022 10:30AM.  My husband got an acknowledgement but I did not.  I called numerous times beginning October and was told not to worry numerous times as they see my phone was received.  Well don't you know this 4AM I wake up to email update that my device promotional credit has been removed from my account and I will be billed $700 next month!  Back on the phone and after explaining all and saying this needs to be resolved NOW, she said she understood well....on hold a total of 1hr 12 min to be told the warehouse never updated the submission id.  she filled out a form and it should be fixed 7-10 days!!! I asked for supervisor and she said he'll call back within one hour.  It's almost an hour!!! I guess small claims court sounds about right! how many more hours on phone??!!

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