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Has anyone had trouble getting Verizon to honor a trade in offer?  I transferred my cell phone service from AT&T to Verizon with the promise of a $700 credit towards the purchase of an IPhone 12.  I traded in my old phone, purchased an unlimited 5G account, and complied with the terms of the offer.

I have contracted Verizon four times about this issue.  I was told that there was some sort of numeric error on their part and that the problem would be corrected.  Each time I called Verizon representatives promised the error would be corrected.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with Verizon?  I both feel cheated and that my perfectly good old phone was stolen!  

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Re: Trade in Offers
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We never want you to feel deceived or frustrated. I can imagine your feelings. I'm sorry that you have had this experience. I want to make sure that we provide the tools available for you to check on the status of your Rebate. 


Please click the following link!/ .


From here, you should be able to review the information. Hopefully, this should help.