Trade in Package Lost In TX
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Had a trade in offer from Verizon and I wanted to upgrade my phones, but decided to try on one phone, traded in my excellent iPhone X 256gb was mint had full front and back cases and battery was 80% life, they promised to provide $699 trade in credit towards a iPhone 12 Pro 512gb.


All was well I received the new phone, sent in my old in their provided package and label. I took pictures of everything how the phone worked, box, tracking, receipt everything to make sure I documented everything as best as I could.


2 months past they canceled my promotional credit, UPS shows package made it from California to TX and lost.


Im within the 60 day time frame, I tried to file a claim with UPS and it wont allow me to, I also tried to contact Verizon and they are sending me back to UPS pretty much receiving the run around.

I wish I mailed the package myself with my own label and my own insurance, is there anything I can do? Or am I at a lost for the trade in credit and now need to pay for the phone in full on my own?


Can someone please help maybe they ran into a similar case. 

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Re: Trade in Package Lost In TX
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Making sure your promotion goes through is essential. I know how concerning losing a package in transit can be. Please reply to my private message to further assist.