Trade-in Scam

I'm sure by now everyone knows about this, as I have tried every form of contact with no results, I'm just putting this out as a general warning to the people that don't have time to read all 53024 pages of the FAQ when signing contacts or trading in their phones. When you trade-in with most promotions you get a credit on your account statement every month, fine and dandy right? WRONG!

As long as you are not trying to pay off your phone, upgrade, or basically do anything a normal person would do, you will be okay, for others, not so much. Prepare to lose your entire promotional balance. My once brand new iPhone XS 256 GB, which was worth over $1200 brand new, was converted to a measly credit of a little over $400, which I was perfectly fine with (could've been better) but what I didn't know is, when I go to upgrade my new phone that I would LOSE THAT ENTIRE CREDIT. I hope no other veterans or loyal customers fall for this, and please read the fine print, and do your research.