Trade-in Status

I switched over to Verizon on 6/20/21 and was offered a promotional trade-in for joining. Upon joining Verizon I immediately faced issues with the carrier, as there was a problem with my initial order that the trade-in device was tied to. The Verizon representative issued a new order number for my account, but was unable to tie the trade-in device to my new order without manager approval. I was assured that this would be fixed and that I would receive the trade-in credit for my other device.

Verizon received my trade-in device, an 256 GB iPhone X, on 6/30/21. Fast forward to today, there has not been an update to my trade-in status. I have talked to multiple representatives that have assured me that this trade-in credit would be applied to my account but I am having my doubts. I have not received an update on the final appraisal value of the device and its been almost two months. So much for 3-5 business days to receive your final appraisal value via email. Each representative I talk to gives me the same story to wait it out, but its gotten to the point where I'm wondering if this was just another promotional scam. I was planning on giving the old iPhone to my father, as it was in great working condition, but the promotion was too good to pass up...if it ever applies. 

As a new customer to Verizon, I'm worried about the level of customer service. I had problems with pretty much every step of porting my number over from a different carrier and I'm still having problems with Verizon. Nobody in customer service can seem to give me an answer and I haven't heard anything back from the trade-in department.