Trade-in bungled--any advice?

Hey all, I recently purchased two new iPhone 13s as part of the trade-in promo. After submitting trade-in details and confirming my order, I got an email saying my trade-ins would be worth an estimated $800 each, with a Submission ID for each.

After I received the new iPhones, I never got a trade-in kit. I've tried to contact Verizon support multiple times, and they've told me that the Submission IDs are invalid, even though I have an email from Verizon with details. One representative told me to start a new trade-in process, but when I try, it says there's an error and to contact support.

This has been going on for five days. I've spent hours trying to get in touch with support. And unfortunately, service is so bad in my neighborhood that I missed one callback, and the call dropped as soon as I received another.

Anyone have any ideas? With the trade-in at an estimated $1600, a lot of money is on the table! I wouldn't have ordered new phones if it weren't for the promo.

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