Trade in credit changes
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I sent in my device, however late and my trade in went from $650 to $182 supposedly for damages.  The phone was not damaged, if Verizon can make those changes and short you $418 dollars then you should have the option to receive the device back or get the new trade in promo credit.  If you can take the credit away then you can apply it.  Also, not returning a device and changing the value that drastic is just wrong!  #fixitverizon

Re: Trade in credit changes
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Hello Abozblt. We know the importance of understanding your Trade In value for your traded devices. Please keep in mind that the appraisal offer and the final promotional offer can change based on the condition that the phone is in when it is received by our Trade In team.  Here is a link with more details on what affects the device value. (#s 1 and 2)