Trade in credit

I switched to Verizon in July and was advised I could trade in my device from my previous carrier. I went online and completed the trade in form and was giving the option to receive my credit on my PayPal account. I mailed my phone back and it was received at the warehouse on 8/14. After a month went by and my trade in status still showed they were waiting on my device I contacted customer service and was told it takes 1 to 2 billing cycles to process. After that I waited another month, called back spoke to several agents and supervisors and no one could explain why i haven’t received the credit yet. The last person I spoke to advised there’s no way Verizon can issue a PayPal credit even after I provided my submission ID that shows a PayPal credit is due. Im completely unhappy and still haven’t received my credit but Verizon has my phone I traded in 2 months ago! I need this resolved. 

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