Trade in issue and talk to supervisor

Decided to upgrade my iPhone x to Iphone 13 IN DECEMBER due to the trade in credit on the iphone x of $650.  Followed all instructions, received new phone in the mail, returned my iPhone x in the provided box and shipped with UPS, per the instructions.  My device was received by verizon on December 30th.  Couple weeks go by, no credit to my account for trade in.  Contact verizon, they state they received my trade in and it may take 3-4 billing cycles for credit.  Months go by, contact verizon again.  On the phone for over an hour, employee is unable to help,  will call me back, did not call me back.  Call again a week later, on the phone for over an hour again, employee states he spoke with manager, has applied to $650 trade in credit, apologizes, then hangs up on me while I am explaining how frustrated I have been throughout this entire process.  Next billing cycle comes, no credit applied to my account.  Call again, 90 minute phone call this time. After 90 minutes, employee states that after some digging, stated the box I sent was empty, there was no iPhone x, he can't help me because there was no device.  No way. After 5 months, multiple chats with verizon, hours and hours of phone conversation about the trade in credit, this is the FIRST time anyone has mentioned there was  no device in the box.  Unreal.  Employee stated he would fill out a help ticket and I might be contacted in a week.  Judging by my experiences over the last 5 months dealing with this, I have extreme certainty that no one from verizon will contact me.  Beyond dissatisfied by verizon, their support, customer service, and handling of this.  I find it unbelievable that there was no device in the box and Verizon didn't have any contact with me, or be able to even find that information after hours and hours looking at this situation.

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Re: Trade in issue and talk to supervisor
Customer Service Rep

I know this is a unique situation. We are here to help in anyway I can. I am more then welcome to review this information again for you. Please meet me in a private message.