Trade in issue

I traded 3 phones with a deal of $800 per phone trade in. When I received my boxes to send the phones back Verizon only sent me one box. I contacted Verizon first through chat and then spoke with a representative on the phone. She helped me through the process of being able to send the other 2 phones back. However, on the "new" paperwork the trade in value was $200 instead of $800. I told her that wasn't the deal. She got irritated and told me not to worry, but that it would work itself out but would take a few billing cycles. Well... it's now been 6 month and nothing has changed. SCAM???

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Re: Trade in issue
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We want to ensure you get the full trade in value for your devices, rlp077! We are here for support and happy to help. Please send us a Private Note.