Trade in issue

I upgraded my daughter's iPhone 11. I marked that the screen had a cracked screen, but everything else is working.  I just received the device back from Verizon saying they can not accept phone due to cracked screen! Really? Then why did your upgrade system still quote me for the device WITH the cracked screen,  send out the new phone and now reject the trade in? I will now have to pay either a repackaging fee to return upgraded phone or not receive the promotional trade in credit that was initially offered to me! I have been with Verizon for 7-8 years now and this has NEVER happened! 5 lines on my plan- for at least 7 years now! This is the worst upgrade service I have ever experienced with Verizon- please fix this! I hope it is simply an error because if not,  you just lost a loyal customer. @GD0405 #iPhone11

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Re: Trade in issue
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@tpez33 ,

It's great to know that your daughter has a new phone, and trading in an old one is one of the best ways to lower that cost. Accepting damaged devices as a trade-in has only started earlier this year, as in the past we have never accepted cracks, dents, or any other physical damage as a qualifying device when trading it in. Even with that wider acceptance, there are still promotions that will require  a device to not have any damage on it, which is why we provide you with an initial appraisal and then a completed appraisal after it has been received and processed. We have never charged for having a phone sent in to us, so where are you seeing a repackaging fee for returning the phone? What was the promotional trade that you were expecting, and when was the phone upgraded? That would let us review the promotion involved to see if a damaged phone was eligible or not. -Russell