Trade in issue

Hello I recently made a deal over the phone to get an IPhone 13 Pro with a trade in. The deal I made with the representative over a recorded line was $440 for my iPhone 10 trade in. I even questioned the $440 offer I saw online. The representative confirmed for me not to worry it will be $440 without having to switch to an unlimited plan. He tried to persuade me to add an unlimited plan to get the full $800 but I said no. So, I called customer service today and was told this will not be honored. When I go to buy something and I’m offered a deal that’s the deal I’m expecting to get especially when it was confirmed. I feel like this is fraudulent and I’ve been deceived especially after seeing the same complaint on this forum. They refuse to go back and listen to the call or return my phone trade in. My next step is the Attorney Generals office and Solve it Seven.  I believe there is a real deception being run by Verizon that needs to be exposed. 

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