Trade-in kit

I received a trade-in offer for an upgrade to new iPhone 13s. I called Verizon to upgrade. I received the new phones and activated them.

I've been ready to trade-in my old phones for two weeks now. But I have no idea how to. I never received a trade-in kit. The Verizon store refused to take my old phones. I called customer service twice and was on the phone with them each time for 1.5 hours. Was asked for a Submission ID that I was never sent and that Verizon apparently has no way of locating or reissuing.

So now I'm stuck with a locked-in trade-in offer for 24 months, with 30 days to return my old phones, but no way of returning my old phones. 

Can somebody from Verizon please help me without asking me to spend another 1.5 hours on a call? 

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