Trade-in lowered due to “different device sent in”

I recently purchased an iPhone 14. I had an iPhoneX since 2017 and took advantage of the “trade-in” value to apply towards my new phone. I’ve had the iPhoneX with Verizon since I purchased it. I am the only person on this plan. I filled out the order form for the new iPhone 14, clicked the existing phone to trade in and was told I’d receive $100 for it if it was in good shape. It was perfect. I knew I should receive $100. I’ve traded previous phones in with no trouble in the past. This time I received an email stating that my trade in was only worth $18 because they claim I didn’t send in the device I’d listed on the original order. This is absolute insanity. I have no way to prove that the IMEI number on the phone I sent in (and the phone they claim to have received) is the same phone. I called Verizon as soon as I received the email and the person on the phone said it will be resolved with the first bill and I should expect my bill to be as promised. Well - lo and behold, the bill arrived with a charge of $82 because they’re still claiming the device received is not the device I claimed. I am at a loss as to what to do. I chatted with an online representative who claims it’ll all be resolved with my next bill. I do hope that’s the case and in the interim, I’m posting this to see if there are others out there who have had the same issues. 


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Re: Trade-in lowered due to “different device sent in”
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I had so many issues with my 4 trade-ins - you are not alone.  

If it isn’t resolved by the next bill - as they promised - then you have some options to escalate your problem.  

I found this helpful list in Reddit:


Avoid more endless waste of your time and patience, and get Verizon's attention with a Notice of Dispute and FCC and FTC and state consumer protection complaints (you can basically just rehash this post, though more polished, and paste the content into each complaint):

(Remember, it's cheap for them to waste your time with some low level "customer service" rep. But when your complaint takes up the time of their lawyers and regulatory people, then you're eating up actual money of theirs.)


That will escalate the issue to the right people.

And if that doesn't fix it and give you the opportunity to trade in your old device as agreed, then you can escalate it to a small claims court filing.


Re: Trade-in lowered due to “different device sent in”
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I agree def file the complaints but heads up you aren’t eating their money by doing this. Those individuals are salaried. They get paid the same amount regardless. The more you call cs thgh the more it costs. Each phone call cost money and if you get to higher cs like executive relations can cost 100s per call or contact