Trade-in problem

I shipped my old phone back to Verizon via UPS. The tracking info says the phone was delivered on 5/19. I never got a submission id and just got an email with no explanation that the trade-in promo credit on my account was cancelled. I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes after spending 40 minutes in a fact last night that was not helpful. What gives? Why was my credit canceled with no other information?

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Re: Trade-in problem
Customer Service Rep

First and foremost, thank you for participating in the Device Trade-In Program. We certainly want you to enjoy the experience and congrats on upgrading to your new device. 


It saddens us to hear that you've not received an explanation about why your device trade-in was canceled and we apologize that you were on hold for 45 minutes. We apologize that your wait time has been longer than expected due to high volumes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Typically, the correspondence from our Trade-In Center includes an explanation if there issues with trading in your device. Was there any information about receiving less than the assessed value for your device trade-in? Any information you can share with our team would be greatly appreciated. We recommend visiting our website for more info to help you at Once you've accessed the site, scroll down to "

How to trade in your mobile device" and review the information provided at #6 (How can I get informaioin about my trade-in submission?). Please let us know how this works for you. Thanks! - RobertC_VZW