Trade in program is bogus
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I decided to get an iPhone 11 pro max since there was a promotion to get up to $500 in credit for a trade in.  I had a 128gb Galaxy Note 9 in perfect condition to trade in.  I ordered the iPhone for local pickup and submitted the Note as the trade in device and the website informed me it was worth $500.  I went and picked up the iPhone, received the trade in box two days later packed up the Note and sent it in.  I eventually checked the tracking to see that the phone had been received, so I went onto the trade in website and found my submission id and the status.  To my surprise it listed the $22.75 trailing credit I was supposed to receive but other than the fact that it had been received less than two weeks after I sent it in there was no final appraisal value.  So cue multiple chats to care agents to try and get it fixed.


Chat #1 - I see what the problem is, the credit was not applied properly to the line for your new iPhone but rest assured it has been fixed and you will see the credits on your next bill, I'm sure you can guess no credits.


Chat #2 - I will get this escalated so that you will receive the credits on your account, month 2, no credits.


Chat #3 - It is being investigated.  No credits


Chat #4 - I will escalate it again for you.  No credits


Chat #5 which was tonight, about a month after I received the materials and after the escalation they apparently responded and said I was no longer eligible as it was not sent in in time, yet their very own trade in status screen shows it was received within 15 days.


I am beyond my wits end at this, they are unwilling to do anything, and this seems a little unique as most people seem to deal with a reduced value of their phone yet they are giving me NOTHING for a phone that was worth a good bit of money, I am going to have to cancel my service unfortunately as I see how they treat customers.

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Re: Trade in program is bogus
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Same problem - 5 chats in myself.   Verizon has the phone, no payment was ever made.  No attempt at any real resolution either.