Trade in refund never received

I "traded in"  my iPhone 8 plus shorly after purchasing an iPhone 13 plus,  when checking with Verizon their response was it was being inspected.

I checked again and 4/8/22 received an on line comment that my device assesment would take 3-5 business days.  I have never heard anything.  After attemps to check on the refund status Verizon responded with a message that they have no record of any trade-in activity on my account.

I'm at a loss to know what the next step is???  My iPhone 8 plus was in great shape I should have kept it!!!  I would be very cautious using their trade offers.  There is no follow-thru by Verizon!!!



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Re: Trade in refund never received
Customer Service Rep

JanetJ69, thank you for letting us know about the troubles you've been having with your trade in. If possible, please meet us in a Private Note so that we can access your account and then I will do my best to find out where your trade in went, okay? *Stephannie