Trade in requirement: VERIZON ASSISTANCE PLEASE !!!!

Hello -- I would like to communicate with a Verizon person, please.

My husband and I are trading in iPhone 8's for new iPhone 13's. The 13's are on back-order, which is understandable given the current economic environment.

We received the return boxes today. 

The very slow online chat forum person told me that I have "30 dates from the date of trade-in initialization" to return the 8's.

However, while I might be able to do that for one of the 13's, the second is completely on back-order.

I would therefore like to change the 13 on really-long backorder OR have the account set to understand that we want to get the new phones first to ensure a smooth transfer of data/contents from one to the other BEFORE returning the 8's.

Otherwise, we lose the trade-in OR we have no phones for a few weeks. 

Thank you for helping us.

Re: Trade in requirement: VERIZON ASSISTANCE PLEASE !!!!
Customer Service Rep

As a customer myself, I definitely understand the importance of being able to make sure all your personalized phone content is transferred over correctly before sending in your  old phone.  We are sending a private message here to assist you further.  -Sean