Trade in’s

My verizon bill has gone from just under 300 to now over 435 a month.  One month the bill was 660 another month over 1k and another month over 500.  I never received the promise credit of 444 for my son’s phone. Mine was returned and although it showed shipped to warehouse I was charged the remainder of the phone balance. I’ve tried to resolve this numerous times with customer service and just kept getting the run around. You would think as a loyal customer for 15 years they would want to take care of you.  Apparently not..  

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Re: Trade in’s
Customer Service Rep


An accurate bill is always important to have, although the changes you mention sound like they're related to a trade-in. Have you used the tracking number for each of your trades since sending them in? They would be entered here: , and you'd be able to see how a trade was distributed. You also mention being charged the remainder of a device payment when trading in a phone - that would be an iPhone, correct?