Trade in shipping materials, why is this so hard?

I preordered 2 iPhone 13 from Verizon in mid-September. Updated our lines and paid for the phones less the trade-in value of our 6 s and 6s plus.  We have received our phones and have tried to call Verizon on several occasions to obtain the trade-in shipping materials. I've used robot calling, chatting, and messaging.

Last night, I sat on the phone for 24 minutes with "Ashley"  from a call-back phone appointment before being disconnected. Oddly enough, I received a text saying that she would contact me shortly after she completed the necessary steps. This never happened. Verizon only contacted me to ask what I thought of the interaction. While quite frankly, it was not satisfying.

I still do not have the trade-in shipping materials that were supposedly an easy phone call away. We need to turn in our phones within 30 days of activating and would like to meet that deadline. If anyone has any solutions, a direction to proceed, I would be thrilled to give it a try. Thanks

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