Trade in status not updated yet on My Verizon
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Today makes a week that I send in a trade in promotion phone to Verizon so I can get the promotion bill credit on my bills each month for these 36 months that it suppose to be right, I send it the very next day after I went and exchanged an iPhone 13 for the 13 Pro Max, when I sign in to My Verizon and click on trade in status as far as to check on the tracking status it still does not show if it is received and assessed yet, it says shipped July 2nd,  it still does not say received yet, it says under shipped below July 2nd your device is on it's way to Verizon, but when I clicked on the UPS tracking number it shows that 

Your shipment
  Delivered On

Wednesday, July 06 at 10:37 A.M. at Dock

Returned To


Received By:


Why isn't it updated yet on My Verizon account then, I wanna know that there, I just don't get it, and this promotion is for Account credit for $800 as it says by trade in details as an estimated value as long as it is correct and not no lie to me, and the trade in is an iPhone 12 128GB blue color, they did it wrong as it is saying 64GB, that is dead wrong as it is 128GB I told them, as they put in the IMEI and other info it should've came up as 128GB and not 64GB, don't cheat me of my trade in value of the trade in value of that phone, Verizon better get on the right track with my trade in phone that I send off to them for this promotion credit to be applied to my bills, I be glad when I start to see it on those bills,

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