Trade in via telesales

I'm in the process of switching 2 lines to Verizon.  When I originally placed my order (online), I completed a trade in (iPhone 6) to get the $650 credit towards the iPhone 7.  I immediately received an email confirmation and have already received the box to send in my iPhone 6 once my 7 arrives.

After placing my order, my wife decided to do the same (she was going to keep her current phone when I placed my original order and we would get a SIM later).

I called telesales who placed an order for her iPhone 7 and said that they completed the trade in for her current phone.  I have not received any indication that a trade in was done.  I'm beginning to worry because I want to ensure that we can get a credit for her phone.  Is the telesales process different?  Will I be able to send in her phone for credit later?  I tried contacting my telesales rep and she will not respond.

Also, with regards to a family plan, can I have both lines put on the same account later?  We will likely receive our phones on different days.


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Re: Trade in via telesales
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We want to ensure you get all the promotions you deserve. I will say the trade in may be processed at different times depending on when your new devices are being shipped. You may reach back out to Telesales to ensure everything was processed correctly. They may be reached at: 888-924-7937.

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